In a Montessori programme, children are not separated  by age but instead, work together in a mixed-age, community-like environment.  The three year age span in each class provides a family-like grouping where learning can take place naturally.  More experienced children share what they have learned while reinforcing their own learning.  They also benefit from the experience of being leaders and role models within the environment.


The Montessori Preschool runs a 3 day and 5 day morning class.  Class times are from 8:45 to 11:45.

An afternoon class runs 3 days per week; Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 12:30 to 3:30.



The Montessori Pre002237school of Redwood Meadows-Bragg Creek recommends the continuation of this Montessori program through the kindergarten year, when the child is becoming more abstract in his thinking and benefits from returning to familiar classroom materials and experiences in this new way, as well as from building on his previous learning.

For more information see “Why Montessori for the Kindergarten Year.”